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The Faculty of Art and Design was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated April 4, 2011 and numbered 1595. The Department of Communication Arts, Department of Advertising and Public Relations and Radio, TV and Cinema, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Handicraft and Marbling, Interior Design and Environmental Design were opened at the Higher Education Executive Board meeting on November 17, 2012. The department of Communication Arts started education in the 2014-2015 academic year with 30 students.

Our faculty was restructured in May 2015 with the proposal of the Faculty Board and the approval of the Higher Education Board as follows.

1- Department of Communication Arts: Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Department of Radio, TV and Cinema.

2- Department of Graphic Design: Department of Graphic Design.

3- Department of Tradational Turkish Arts: Department of Tradational Turkish Arts.

4- Department of Interior Architecture: Department of Interior Arhitecture.

5- Department of Industrial Design: Department of Industrial Design.

6- Department of Painting: Department of Painting

The existing spaces can be used as classrooms, workshops and laboratories suitable for education when some technological equipments are taken.

The Faculty of Art and Design, established as the fifth faculty of our university, will serve many students with its educational, scientific and artistic works and will be the gateway of our university to public relations.

The Faculty of Art and Design works to achieve a structure that can compete with the examples in our country and in the world and to be among the best in a short time and contributes to the progress of Yalova University to become a modern world university.